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Blur trailer races into clear view


Announced by Activision on Tuesday, Blur -- the latest racer from PGR dev Bizarre Creations -- can be considered officially teased with the release of a brief (but certainly not blurry) first look at it in motion. The teaser appears specifically tailored to elicit the exact reaction we had when viewing it for the first time; that is, "Wow, it looks like PGR," followed by, "Whoa, what was that crazy blast?"

We know, of course, that it's the effect produced by one of the many Mario Kart-style power-ups intended to make Blur stand out from other current-gen auto racers. It looks a little out of place in the context of the trailer, but we'll save our "spiffy / goofy" verdict until we see some actual gameplay. What do you think?

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