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DLI 8400 ultra-rugged tablet is as far from pretty as it gets

Darren Murph

Guard your retinas, fashionistas -- this one's bound to burn. Data Ltd has just loosed its latest ultra-rugged tablet PC, and it's quite clear that the gains in rigidity come at a severe cost to style. The DLI 8400 is actually rather diminutive for a tablet, weighing just three pounds and packing a 7-inch sunlight-viewable LCD. Other specs include a backlit QWERTY keypad, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, built-in WWAN, 2GB of RAM, twin hot-swappable batteries (good for nine hours of use) and a shock-mounted HDD or SSD. Naturally, the IP54-rated enclosure is home to Intel's 1.6GHz Atom CPU, and there's a plethora of ports for field workers with gobs of peripherals. The Q2-bound rig gets going at $1,795, and while there's no telling what kind of beating this thing can survive, it's obviously done well to walk away from that awful plummet from atop the ugly tree. [Warning: PDF read link]

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