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Former Rockstar Games founders form 4mm Games

Jason Dobson

Eager to fill their lungs with the clean air of independent living, Rockstar Games co-founders Jamie King and Gary Foreman have headed for the hills. Along the way the pair picked up Nicholas Perret from Image Metrics, known for its amazing yet slightly creepy Emily video, and entertainment exec Paul Coyne. Next stop: 4mm Games, a new game studio that, according to CEO Perret, aims to "deliver groundbreaking content with global appeal to a consumer who lives online."

4mm isn't talking specifics, though the company has netted "significant" backing from game-focused investment firm, CEA Autumn Games. According to 4mm, the companies have agreed to a multi-year partnership, which includes multiple titles and platforms. Beyond this, 4mm is keeping quiet on what it plans to spend its new-found cash on, but we'll keep our eyes on the horizon as things develop.

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