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Full Modern Warfare 2 site launches Sunday, sneak peek on GTTV tonight


Infinity Ward community maestro fourzerotwo (also known by his civilian name, Robert Bowling) has announced via his Twitter that the Modern Warfare 2 website is set to launch this Sunday with the first gameplay trailer. What's that? You want to know the URL? Sure! It's Easy.

If you can't be bothered to wait until Sunday, Mr. Geoff Keighley has announced via his Twitter that GameTrailers TV will premier a new Modern Warfare 2 gameplay teaser tonight on Spike. GTTV also will be premiering Heavy Rain, building up tonight's episode to be a good one. And, if you can't be bothered to stay up late, you can rest assured that we'll share it all right here on Joystiq just as soon as it's released from the GameTrailers vault.

Source - @fourzerotwo
Source - @geoffkeighley

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