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LG Glance coming June 5 with fancy looks, unfancy price

Chris Ziegler

We've gotten word that LG's VX7100 Glance for Verizon should be getting hawked in all channels as of June 5 -- ride alongside the enV Touch. Under normal circumstances, we'd say that a midrange LG buried all the way down in the 7000 series wouldn't have much of a shot at getting any spotlight opposite the much flashier VX11000 launching the same day, but PhoneArena's got some real pictures of this thing now -- and by all accounts, it's looking a good deal fancier than its price. The braided gold rear probably isn't for everyone, but it's a cool alternative to the ubiquitous flips these guys have been launching; we're hearing that it'll hit for $50 after a $50 rebate, and it's definitely not easy to find a phone that looks this flashy at that price level (at least, not without Bedazzling it yourself). It's said to pack a QVGA display (looks about right from the rendered UI here), a 1.3 megapixel camera, and a body just over 9.5mm thick. Give us a silver version, Verizon, and we're totally sold.

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