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Oops! 1 vs 100 US beta news shelved at zero hour

If you decided to sit comfortably next to your computer tonight, with a nice glass of wine waiting on 1 vs 100 US Beta information, go to bed. According to the 1 vs 100 Twitter account (verified as official by Major Nelson and in an email from Microsoft PR), the promise of news regarding a US beta for the Xbox Live Primetime game has been put on hold.

A tweet earlier today doled out the bad news: "A few more things need to be in place before we can share the good news w/you." While the update promises news on the horizon for US players, as of now, the 1 vs 100 beta is reserved solely for those lucky Canadians.

When asked for comment, the nearest American available, editor Alexander Sliwinski said, "Apparently free health care isn't enough for you people."

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