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Retailers getting meager Pre stock, Radio Shack recommending Instinct S30 instead?

Chris Ziegler

Boy Genius Report cites a source claiming that Best Buy -- the whole chain -- will be allotted just 4,250 Pres for launch day, which works out to something like 4 per Pre-selling Best Buy Mobile installation. Seems like those should sell out right quick and leave a whole bunch of folks high and dry (if demand is as strong as Palm and Sprint undoubtedly hope it'll be), and the situation isn't any better over at Radio Shack where we've learned an internal communication reads:
"Due to inventory constraints on the June 6 launch date, not all stores will be able to carry the Palm Pre at launch. To make sure we get the maximum advertising and brand benefit while still having enough inventory to meet the expected demand, we have selected key markets to receive the device at launch."
Here's the best part, though: Radio Shack locations not receiving the phone on the 6th are being encouraged to offer the Instinct S30 as an alternative. Look, the S30's a fine phone for what it is (we suppose), but something tells us that no one -- and we mean no one -- is cross-shopping it with the Pre.

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