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The Daily Grind: Once you play MMORPGs, can you ever go back to single-player RPGs?

Brooke Pilley

Before MMOs came around, I used to be a pretty active single-player RPG gamer. My platform of choice was the console but I eventually got into a few PC titles as well.

One of the first games I got into on the Nintendo Entertainment System was Dragon Warrior in 1989 (for reference, I was 9 years old). That eventually led to Final Fantasy, Crystalis, and a few others throughout the early 90s. I eventually upgraded to a Sony Playstation and gorged on a smattering of RPGs, chief among them Final Fantasy VII. Life was great (if somewhat geeky) and I didn't see any signs of my tastes changing any time soon.

Then my friend introduced me to a PK MUD in 1996 and my tastes did change. Obviously, I was a huge fan of RPGs at this stage in my life but this was my very first taste of a multi-player RPG. I was hooked. RPG lovers are big fans of stats, strategy, and story. Online RPGs give you all that and an additional sense of community, collaboration, and competition.

Whenever I try going through solo RPGs or even solo action games like God of War or Resident Evil (series) these days, I just feel like there's something missing and can barely stomach playing. For some reason, I feel like I'm wasting time, which is strange because I realize gaming is just as viable a hobby as anything else. Perhaps MMOs give me the sense that many people are wasting time so perhaps it isn't so bad? It's hard to put a finger on it.

So, I'm curious; once you've played (and enjoyed) MMORPGs, can you ever go back to (and enjoy) single-player RPGs? I know I can't anymore due in large part to the three missing C's.

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