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Trypticon Transforming Laser Mouse is here to destroy Autobots, carpal tunnels

Tim Stevens

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If you missed out on your chance to add a little Decepticon flare to your PC with the Ravage USB flash drive earlier this week, you'd better hurry and put in your pre-order for this Trypticon Transforming Laser Mouse. In disguise he looks like a particularly non-ergonomic way to control your computer, but in just a few seconds he transforms into... well, a pretty sad, skinny looking rendition of the Decepticon command base. He may have lost weight, but he certainly hasn't dropped any perceived value, available now on pre-order for a somewhat pricey $59.99. He also ships in September, and despite his cost we wouldn't be surprised if that "Add To Cart" button transforms into a "Sold Out" button right quick. When oh when will the Autobots show up to save us from these evil USB gadgets exploiting our childhood memories?

Update: We got a comment from awa64 that there are a few other devices in disguise available for pre-order, including a few Autobots. Go get clicking if you want one, but we're holding out for an Optimus Prime uninterruptible power supply.

[Via GadgetReview]

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