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Upcoming Famitsu to cover new Metal Gear game for PlayStation system


Unsurprisingly, there's a brand new Metal Gear game coming out. No, Kojima Production's countdown isn't over yet (that's later today!). A listing at a Japanese 7-Eleven product database reveals that an upcoming issue of Famitsu PSP+PS3 will feature a brand new Metal Gear game. The magazine is scheduled to ship next week on May 30.

We're pretty certain the upcoming Kojima Productions reveal is somehow tied to this upcoming Famitsu story. Considering the game will be featured in a PlayStation-exclusive magazine makes it a pretty safe bet that the game will arrive on either PS3 or PSP. Perhaps handheld players will get a chance at a new Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops experience -- Konami indicated its interest in a sequel over two years ago.

[Thanks David B.! Via IGN]

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