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Urine for a treat as TF2's Sniper practices 'jarate'


We've met the Sniper before, but now we learn what he actually does with all those jars of urine. The latest update in Team Fortress 2's continuing Spy vs. Sniper saga reveals the Sniper brandishing his liquid gold as a weapon. A thrown jar of "Jarate" on an opponent will increase damage by 35 percent (poor Heavy) and can disable the Spy's cloaking device. If it's used on a teammate (eww!), it'll put out fires and jellyfish stings ... if there were jellyfish in the game.

We may not be playing Team Fortress 2 that much anymore, but we're more than happy to let Valve keep chronicling the exploits of the well-developed TF2 cast.

[Thanks, Anthony]

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