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Breakfast Topic: What non-combat pets do you want implemented?

Michael Sacco

If there's one thing I've learned in the time I've spent playing WoW, it's that people are serious about the cute (and useless) tagalong polygonal pals we call non-combat pets. Blizzard apparently likes them too, since we got ten new ones with the launch of 3.1, as well as achievements to give you even more of them for hitting pet-number milestones. There are enough pets for you to fill every bag slot with them, and enough people who collect 'em to warrant pet toy vendors and whole websites dedicated to 'em.

But I'm not satisfied! In fact, I'll never be satisfied -- not until I get a non-combat Talbaby pet. I even did Blizzard the favor of designing it. See? Who wouldn't want that adorable ungulate following them around? NO ONE. THAT'S WHO.

How about you guys? Is there a specific type of non-combat pet, brand-new model or tiny version of an in-game model alike, you'd love to see? Is there a baby version of some fearsome beast you've scarcely lived without this whole time?

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