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Choose my Adventure: Massively style

Shawn Schuster

Today, we're proud to introduce a brand new weekly column here at Massively called Choose my Adventure, lovingly stolen from our siblings at WoWInsider (now The concept is simple: we create a brand new character in an MMO and document its adventure in a special image gallery and a weekly journal post -- but with a catch. Everything from the goals to the character creation and even the game itself will be chosen by YOU! That's right, you will have the opportunity to chose what game, race, class, gender, questlines and more for my character as I progress my way though to an ultimate goal.

How will this work? Starting with today's introductory post, you can vote in the poll below for which game I will begin my adventure. Of course the options are limited to what I have available to me right now, but as each goal is met for each new character (voted on later), I will start fresh and restart the process with a new game. This will give me the opportunity to explore more games and show you what may or may not work best. Sound like fun? Keep reading below for more.

To begin our adventures, I've chosen eight popular games. If you don't see your favorite on the current list, feel free to suggest it in the comments for consideration in a future adventure. For this first one though, this is what we'll work with. Simply vote in the poll throughout the weekend, and on Monday I will announce which game wins. From there, I'll post polls every week determining my next course of action, documenting every milestone in a special gallery. This is meant to be a fun and informative experiment, and we all look forward to where your choices will take us!

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