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Desperate for Xbox Live? Hook it up with a 3G phone


Let's say, hypothetically, that you really want to play something on Xbox Live. For illustration's sake, we'll say that something is Halo 3. Alas, the "high-speed interweb access" you bought from that guy behind the 7-11 turns out to be nothing more than a tin can with a string attached. You try to use your neighbor's wireless internet connection, only to find that it's been encrypted. Ungrateful jerks, that's the last time you give them a fruitcake at Christmas.

So what's a desperate gamer to do? Easy, just hook your Xbox up to your PC and tether it to your 3G phone. Killthrash over at 2old2play has posted a handy guide to connecting to Xbox Live using a laptop and a Blackberry Bold on AT&T's 3G network. It takes some work and it's not as smooth as a dedicated connection -- and will probably destroy your data plan -- but gamers do what they have to do, right?

Now, if someone can make this happen with a Mac too, then everyone wins.

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