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Maestro 4700 slips by FCC, proves Magellan still has a pulse

Darren Murph

We know things may not be all hunky-dory in the world of PNDs, but seriously Magellan, you owe us an explanation here. After MiTAC snapped up the outfit's consumer products division way back in December of last year (yeah, half a year ago), we've heard absolutely zilch since. Until today, naturally. If documentation found in the always-telling FCC database is to be believed, it looks as if the long standing Maestro line is about to grow another member. The Maestro 4700 user handbook explains that the unit will boast support for voice commands, a OneTouch user interface, Bluetooth, traffic alerts and a presumed 4.7-inch display. We'd expect the company to come clean with an official price and release date in short order. [Warning: PDF read link]

[Via GPSTracklog, thanks Rich]

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