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New Aussie, Swiss Apple Store openings


We've been inundated with emails today talking about the two international Apple Store openings.

The first new store is in Zurich, Switzerland. Reader Greg sent us a link to his Flickr gallery with plenty of documentation of the new Bahnhofstrasse store. Here's a pic of part of the huge crowd just before the opening:

Dang, Greg -- looking at those photos makes me want to go back to Zurich again, especially now that there are two Apple Stores!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, another Apple Store will be opening in a few short hours in Melbourne, Australia. The new Doncaster store appears to be a wide-body layout in a mall, and is the second Melbourne store. We're hoping to get pictures from our friends down under as soon as the opening occurs. Here's a photo taken on Friday (yesterday in Melbourne) of the store prior to the opening:

We'd love to hear comments from readers who attended either of the openings, just to see how many Macs, iPods, and iPhones were flying out the doors. Were there any cool freebies or giveaways?

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