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Palm Pre tasks, memos, browser on display, automatic backup confirmed

Ross Miller

Just in time for your weekend perusal, Palm Goon (which we half suspect might be a viral site from Palm itself) has uploaded three tours and a FAQ chock-full of new Pre / webOS screens and details, chief among them being confirmation that the Pre does daily automatic backup. We've also got some pretty thorough glimpses of the web browser, Tasks, and Memo applications. Visually, it's quite a beaut -- a very elegant and classy UI that rivals anything we've seen from a certain Cupertino-based company. Of course, functionality remains to be seen, but if Palm and Sprint deliver half as good of a game as they talk, looks like we're in for a real treat.

Update: Looks like the site's experiencing intermittent server errors. Hang tight, we'll keep you updated.

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