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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Google Chrome celebrates version 2 release with autofill, fast-paced video
We know you've been avoiding Chrome because it puts your most visited sites on a display the size of the JumboTron in Times Square, and we don't blame you.
Microsoft dropping three app limit from Windows 7 Starter Edition
Now the only thing holding you back from simultaneous Skype, AIM, browsing, DVD playback, and Plants vs. Zombies will be the space on your screen and the specs in your portable.
Entelligence: Time for Microsoft to tell a better Zune tale
A lot's been made of the new Zune commercial that Microsoft aired recently. Now don't get me wrong.I think there's a lot that Microsoft can do with Zune, but this ad doesn't quite do it for me.
Other news of import
Is the future of Windows Media Center with Windows Home Server?
With all the bad news around Windows Media Center this week, many enthusiasts are wondering about the future of Media Center.
32GB iPhone placeholder appears at T-Mobile Austria
We hate to remind you that loads of smoke generally leads to fire, but hey, June 8th ain't too far off anyway.

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