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Adcom powers up with the GFA-555SE amplifier

Steven Kim

Back in the day, Adcom earned itself a solid reputation by delivering audio components that offered champagne-level performance at beer budget pricing; kind of like a brawny NAD. The company is coming back to the market after reorganization with a fitting return to its roots -- the GFA-555SE (Special Edition) amplifier. The outside of the 200-Watt stereo amplifier is a dead ringer for the now classic GFA-555mkII model, but Adcom has updated the circuitry to current-day standards -- you know, for safety's sake -- and the performance has been improved as well. As much nostalgia as we have for the brand and appreciate the utilitarian design, this isn't a great time to be coming into the market, and this $1,299 amplifier is going to have a tough time grabbing hold with companies like Emotiva on the prowl.

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