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Ms. Pac-Man shoes, Space Invaders soap, not news


When video games collide with do-it-yourself know-how and just a little bit of magic, wonderful things happen. Case in point, just look at those Ms. Pac-Man shoes and Space Invaders soaps (which we have arranged in a single image for dramatic effect). With shoes like that, just walking becomes a game -- which it normally isn't, despite what Nintendo tells you -- as Pinky and Ms. Pac-Man engage in a cat-and-mouse chase all day long.

And then, when the long day is done and it's time to get clean, you'll have to defend yourself from a squadron of soapy space invaders. What better way to stave off the glycerine-infused hordes than to slowly melt them away until you have to snuff them out in the shower drain? Such is the fate of all soaps, but especially invading soaps from space.

Incidentally, if you want a pair of Ms. Pac-Man shoes of your own, the creators, Em & Sprout, have a few left in stock. There are a handful of Space Invaders soaps left too -- from the same company that brought us these -- so get a move on if you want some. Otherwise you'll have to hope they get restocked, or we suppose you could live without them.

[Via Wonderland]

Source: Em & Sprout - Ms Pac-Man Mary Janes
Source: Digital Soaps - Space Invaders soap set

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