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Resident Evil: Director's Cut coming to PSN May 28

Before they were tentacle-headed mutant monstrosities, zombies in the Resident Evil series were simply zombies. They had no fanatic tendencies, nor zealous leader -- only a penchant for devouring brains and mindlessly shambling. It was a simpler time -- and as some would argue, a better time.

If you're looking to relive this golden undead era, but lack the proper disc-based media to do so, we've got great news -- as hinted at by a recent ESRB rating, Resident Evil: Director's Cut is coming to the PSN on May 28 (otherwise known as next Thursday) for $9.99. We can't wait -- though we wish it had support for trophies. We like to consider ourselves the master of unlocking trophies. (We feel dirty.)

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