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Rogers Wireless' Dream un-safing and hands-on


So, Friday rolls around complete with cryptic "you'll get something awesome tomorrow" message from Rogers. Of course we bite, and something awesome did show just after lunch today. Rogers first Android sets launch on the June 2 with both HTC's Dream and Magic taking center stage to usher in the OS' proper christening north of the border. Bundled in the safety of the fireproof (yes, fireproof) safe are a charger, USB cable, headset, and the HTC Dream proper. While T-Mobile's patrons south of the border wait for version 1.5 to arrive, Rogers seems set to launch the devices with the latest build already loaded and good to go. We've not had more than a few hours with the phone, but we're loving it -- and the fact that we finally have an Android device for the US 3G flavor we love doesn't hurt either. Pricing is still firmly in the land of chalk drawings, but we've heard tell that $199 would be the price of admission -- and to be honest, that seems about what we'd expect. Follow on for a pile of pics of the un-safing of Rogers first steps in the land of Android.

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