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Wilson's Sasha W/P speaker -- an all-new WATT/Puppy for the same old customer base

Steven Kim

Wilson Audio's WATT/Puppy is an iconic speaker, but the pairing of the WATT (Wilson Audio Tiny Tot) monitor-like headpiece and the Puppy subwoofer pedestal is getting a updated to a new design and (thankfully) a less saccharine-laced "Sasha W/P" name to go with it. Pretty much everything is getting updated -- the enclosures, drivers and crossovers all benefit from lessons learned on some of Wilson Audio's other models, and the higher performance Sasha W/P is even going to come at lower price than the outgoing $28,000 per pair WATT/Puppy. Don't get your hopes up, though -- in case you didn't get the hint from the pic above, the Sasha W/P isn't exactly breaking into new pricing territory for Wilson Audio, and we don't think the $26,900 price is going to open a floodgate of prospective buyers who just couldn't swing the extra $1,100 for the outgoing model.

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