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WURP: Ziebart hunting


There's a chance we may all be in the gravest peril -- and that's the excuse I'm going to give for nearly no one on the team playing World of Warcraft this weekend. So what's the peril today? Mr. Rossi explains it better than I:
  • Matthew Rossi: I'm hunting down an ancient Egyptian Vizier named Hamenthotep. Seems he's trying to find some sort of ancient scrolls called the "Ziebart Codex" that will allow him to harness the power of some sort of ancient primal diety named "Izzu Tahuti" or some such. I don't actually read Demotic. Anyway, in order to find the codex he apparently made use of an old Lemurian ritual site in the Andes and sent forth Peruvian Mummies to possess all the descendants of the original writer of the Codex, Ziebart Dulkarnizen (The Two Horned Ziebart) an ancient and terrible black wizard. So far I haven't had any luck finding any of the descendants. They're masters of subtlety and stealth, it seems, all connected to an order of Cathars who disappeared during Innocent III's attempt to suppress the Albigensian Heresy. I'm not sure if they're Ophists or not, but until I find one of the last living Ziebarts, all of earth is in grave danger from Hamenthotep and his strange, black garbed ally with the hunting horn. I may also run Ulduar.
  • Mike Schramm: Wait -- isn't Alex named Ziebart? He could be the key to the Codex! Oh no wait I think he's Zibert. Never mind.
  • Alex Ziebart: Send help. Peruvian husk not very dexterous. Hard to play.
For more from the rest of the team, read on!

  • Adam Holisky: I'll be attempting to get my cat on my Roomba, since Roomba > WoW > all.Amanda Miller: Working on Mimiron on Sunday. I'll likely farm some saronite, work on some dailies, and do a heroic or two.
  • Daniel Whitcomb: I'll probably continue to level my Druid. Got him some heirloom healing shoulders too, so I may even see if anyone's up one of those silly non-80s non-heroic dungeons while I'm at it.
  • Jennie Lees: Working on Mimiron hard mode and leveling my Mage so I can run 5-mans with my mum...
  • Lesley Smith: This weekend I'm catching up on Fable II, letting my kitten Ceri-chan explore the outside world and working on my novel.
  • Lisa Poisso: Helping a certain level 7 human girlie ship all her pretty dresses to her newest main character. Much modeling. Much Ice Cold Milk and Gingerbread Cookies. Much time. Much faction.
  • Matt Low: I'll be reliving the days of WW2 in CoD: World at War. Wonder if I'll get to participate in Operation Overlord for the umpteenth time in a game.
  • Michael Gray: Probably grinding Arena. Not doing so well this season, and am hoping to break through the barrier.
  • Robin Torres: Gonna split my time between my Druid and my DK. And I'll be playing some City of Heroes. It's The Spawn's fault. She loves character creation, so I had to resubscribe to the best character creation game there is. I only wish WoW had so many customization options.
  • Zach Yonzon: Descending into Madness and saying hi to Yoggy -- hopefully leaving with our sanity intact; trying to convince some folk that a triple melee cleave for 5v5 is the money; and hoping KB24 can elevate his lethargic, spineless, inconsistent teammates past a spirited and determined Denver team.
  • Amanda Dean: I expect things to be a little slow over the holiday weekend. I imagine some of my guildies will be out camping and the like. I spent Friday night totally cheating leveling up a priest (SM run through on a RAF account, thanks Ler!). I'll probably work on that most of the weekend and hit up the short "raids." On Monday I'll visit the local Memorial Park, throw some Boca Burgers on a grill, and hug ever Soldier and Vet in sight.
So, dear readers, what do you find yourself playing this weekend? (If the answer is "nothing" we could apparently use a hand Ziebart-hunting.)

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