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Bees terrorize GameStop employees, various New Yorkers


We've only got so many words here to explain a story of bee terror, and as such, we promise to keep the bee puns to an absolute minimum. Here goes nothing! At a GameStop this weekend in Union Square, NYC, a bee infestation forced the employees to shut down the store and call for help. One bee-leaguered eyewitness at the scene talked to ABC, saying, "When I got here, there was already like a thousand bees in there ... then they came out ... there were more ... they were like -- in a pack." No! Only four sentences in!

The terror apparently continued for a number of hours while employees indoors anxiously awaited the NYPD "Bee Expert" (seriously), Tony Planakis. "I'm probably gonna be relying on scent ... the queen bee's scent ... it could take a half hour, an hour ... two hours ... I don't know," Planakis told ABC, hot on the queen bee's trail. It's not clear whether the GameStop employees were playing Buck Bumble inside or not, though we're inclined to suspect they were.

[Via The Escapist]

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