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BlackBerry Aries spotted: a Gemini with CDMA in its heart

Ross Miller

If you had your eye the BlackBerry Curve 8520 / Gemini, somehow above all the other number of RIM devices that have surfaced as of late, it looks like the stars have aligned (har har) for you. The gang at Crackberry have gotten a first peep at the Aries, which they say is essentially a CDMA-equipped Gemini that's likely to go by the eventual name Curve 8530. Not much else to note here, here's hoping we got some more concrete details -- and maybe a committed carrier or two -- in the not too distant. As for the naming conventions, we now anxiously await for alliterative darlings like a touchscreen Taurus, slide-out Sagittarius, and 18 megapixel Pisces.

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