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Sony Ericsson Kokura spotted, but is it different from the Idou?

Chris Ziegler

The same poorly-lit source offering up the first picture of a Verizon-branded HTC Touch Pro2 has come to the table with a device claimed to be the Sony Ericsson "Kokura," which looks suspiciously like the Idou (we've blown the contrast and brightness on the image to try to get some better definition out of Mr. Blurrycam's fine work). Indeed, the specs are a dead ringer for the Idou's, too, with a 12.1 megapixel camera and S60 5th Edition both said to be in the mix. Granted, Sony Ericsson wants to launch the Idou with the Symbian Foundation's R1 release, but the difference between R1 and S60 5th Edition should be little more than the difference in an old-school S60 Feature Pack, so we're not too worried about it. Question is, is this really just the Idou by a different name? If so, should the fact that there are units in the wild give us hope that a launch isn't too far off? And if not, why is the company making multiple identical devices with similar specs?

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