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CES expands iPod, iPhone exhibit space at next year's show


I'm lucky enough to be heading out to E3 next week, so I'll be puttering around the show looking for great iPhone apps and games to tell you all about, but it looks like CES might be the place to be for iPhone software in 2010: the show is going to expand the exhibit space for Apple's mobile platforms by 5x. We knew there was going to be a bigger iPhone/iPod related event there, but we didn't know it was going to be quite that big. Organizers say that the App Store's huge growth justifies the size of the event, but of course Apple's exit from Macworld (and that event's move to February, away from the Vegas CES show in January) didn't hurt either.

Don't look for any official iPhone or iPod setups at CES -- Apple says that trade shows aren't a huge part of their marketing plan any more. We can't really blame them; they already have their own events whenever they want, well-attended and well-covered by the press. But this show will probably be a nice opportunity for iPhone developers. There's a lot of apps out there, and every chance developers get to show off to the press will probably be welcome.

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