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iPhone SDK contains icon for unreleased model -- again

Chris Ziegler

You might recall that this happened right about this time last year when we were all patiently waiting for the iPhone 3G to be announced, and once again, it's been discovered that the latest beta of the iPhone SDK has icons for an unreleased version of Cupertino's finest. We've been able to verify that two icons tucked away in a deep folder refer to black and white versions of the "iPhone2,1" (black is pictured above), which is one of the internal model codes we've been hearing get thrown around for a while now. Thing is, the icon is identical to the one being used for iPhone1,2 -- better known as the iPhone 3G -- so Apple's either smartly using a placeholder until the final SDK build, or the latest and greatest model is a dead ringer for the old. We're betting on the former.

[Thanks, Matthew]

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