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Sprint doc implores reps not to sell Pre to the wrong people

Chris Ziegler

Are you a druggie? A hipster? A white-collar suburbanite? Good news: the Pre might be for you. If you're an "IT Centric business user," though, steer clear -- the Treo Pro might be a better fit. That's the takeaway (sort of, we've admittedly taken some liberties) of one of the pages out of Sprint's business playbook for the phone that reminds sales reps in big magenta text that they "can't afford to sell the Pre to the wrong customers." There aren't any big surprises in here, but the takeaway seems to be that Windows Mobile is more manageable as a fleet device (as is BlackBerry, coincidentally) than webOS -- a complaint frequently leveled against another buzzworthy, up-and-coming mobile platform, Android. That said, if we walked into a Sprint store expecting to buy a Pre and somehow ended up getting talked into a Treo Pro instead, we'd be feeling more than a little short-changed.

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