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BattleForge gets 'Play4Free' edition


We're a little worried about EA's card-based RTS, BattleForge. Less than a month ago, the game got a significant price drop, and just this morning EA announced the game will be adopting a free play model, allowing for even more old-fashioned microtransactions (a key part of BattleForge's card-based battle system), and, maybe, helping the game to survive a bit longer.

According to the game's website, the "Play4Free" version of BattleForge will replace the demo version and give players access to "all game content" -- it even comes with 32 cards (four times the amount that came with the demo). EA says that the retail box copy of the game will now serve as a "points box," as it comes packed with 3000 points ready for use in EA's store. It remains to be seen whether this move will spurn those who already purchased the game or bring in enough new players to support the continued existence of it. What say you, Joystiq Biomass?

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