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Director del Toro predicts 'Citizen Kane of games' will appear in next decade

Majed Athab

Acclaimed Hollywood director and self-professed Team ICO fan, Guillermo del Toro, sees a bright future for video games, claiming that the next decade will bring about titles of an "earthshaking Citizen Kane" caliber. Basing his thoughts on the dynamics of narrative in sandbox games, del Toro states that this evolution in storytelling (he coined as "story engine" in his interview with Wired) will turn into something so powerful that it will not only give us better games, but also change Hollywood and "rewrite the rules of fiction."

While this may seem like a bold prediction difficult to live up to, del Toro assures he won't hobbit away from the responsibility of seeing it come true. "I'll be trying to make [such a game]," he told Wired. "But I won't be trying until after The Hobbit." There you have it folks, del Toro "Citizen Kane" game confirmed* for 2019. Mark it down.

*Not actually confirmed

[Via GameDaily]

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