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Echoes of War standard edition sees re-release, new artwork

Lesley Smith

Who remembers Echoes of War? A musical extravaganza originally released last year in legendary and standard editions from Eminence. Well both the official site and are reporting that the standard edition is being re-released on June 16th with new artwork.

The two-disc version is essentially the less shiny version of the limited Legendary Edition. It features music from all three of Blizzard's franchises: Diablo, Warcraft and, of course, Starcraft, as played by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra and special guests including Kow Otani (best known for his score from PS2 game Shadow of the Colossus).

Even better, if you've not picked up the set yet then there's a special $5 discount for orders made before the relaunch date next month, dropping the price from $24.95 to $19.95. Just head here to order. Copies begin shipping today and will also be made available through stores next month.

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