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Guy runs Windows 95 on Wii, wonders why


Using a Wii version of the open source DOS emulator DOSbox, a Wii homebrew devotee has managed to get Windows 95 running on the console -- if your definition of "running" is "working, but just barely." In fact, the boot process spans most of two YouTube videos, which the author admits have been edited for brevity. (It takes upwards of 13 minutes just to see the taskbar.)

You're probably asking yourself, "What's the point?" and "Why even try?" Well, to prove it can be done, of course. But even the one who did it -- while providing instructions on how to replicate the process -- advises against following in his footsteps, saying, "I did it and now I can move on to more productive things." But, hey, you could be doing worse things with the system. Waste your time with videos of Wiindows 95 in sort-of action after the break!

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