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Hantech Siso Tablo laptop stylus gets reviewed


We just caught sight of Hanwha's Duo laptop stylus a couple of months ago, but it's not the only device out there that promises to turn any old laptop into a pen-accommodating tablet PC, and the folks at SlashGear have now gotten their hands on one of its competitors: the Hantech Siso Tablo. Like the Duo, this one consists of a pen and a Wii-like sensor that sits atop your laptop screen (up to 15.4-inch only), which detects the location of the pen and lets you do everything from drawing and handwriting recognition to controlling the cursor. Best of all, according to SlashGear, the $99 device more or less works just as advertised, and even apparently rivals more expensive gear when it comes to basic design tasks -- or outdoes them, for that matter, since it can also simply be paired with a ballpoint pen and a piece of paper. Hit up the link below for their full impressions.

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