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Krome CEO: Developer budgets have increased more than games market

Sure, everything's all sunshine and daffodils in the ever-expanding video game market, right? Wrong. Dead wrong, mister. While stories to that effect might seem to inspire hope in the gaming industry's seemingly impervious leaders, indie developer Krome's CEO Robert Walsh thinks the gaming press has missed out on an important fact impacting the modern development scene -- developer's budgets "have probably doubled or tripled during the console transition."

To put Walsh's entire argument (which he made in an interview with Develop) into simple terms, the gaming industry is raking in a bajillion dollars annually, but the current console generation has made developing games astronomically more expensive than it has been in the past. Like, a hojillion dollars more expensive. Seeing as how a hojillion is more than a bajillion (of course), developers aren't really seeing a major financial boon from the burgeoning industry. Which really sucks for them.

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