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Surprise: LucasArts announces Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for DS/PSP


The ESRB may have totally spoiled the announcement of Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron for PSP and DS, but act surprised anyway, if only to be polite to LucasArts.

The new portable addition to the Battlefront series -- shipping on both platforms this fall -- stars X2, the second X-Men movie a Clone Trooper cloned from a Jedi Master, who decides to join the Rebellion. The game features "multi-level battlefronts" in which the player can travel from land into space and even onto spaceships in the same level.

The press release suggests that the DS and PSP are getting s ubtly different games, with the DS version promising a "class-based gameplay experience" with different weapons for each class, and the PSP version allowing players to "personalize and build their character with more weapons and items than ever before." The PSP game has 16-player multiplayer with "in-depth stat tracking," and the DS release has "intense 4-player skirmishes" in different multiplayer modes.

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