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THQ reveals Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter for Wii and DS

If you were a fan of THQ's DIY DS title Drawn to Life, you'll be pleased to hear the highly sketchable game will be getting a follow-up this fall, as revealed by a recent press release. This time around, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter will be coming to Wii and DS, and will be adding a whole slew of new features -- the most intriguing of these is the "Action Drawing" tool, which lets you create objects mid-game in order to work your way through the title's environments.

The original Drawn to Life was pretty enjoyable, but a tad shallow in the actual gameplay department. Hopefully, this new feature will spice things up a tad. However, given the average DS illustrator's undeniable proclivity for doodling dongs, they really should give the portable version a different subtitle -- perhaps Captain Wangsword Vs. The Genital Armada would be more apt.

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