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Toro and Kuro join Disgaea 2 as DLC


American audiences will be able to enjoy the PSP enhanced version of Disgaea 2 later this year. However, gamers in Japan are already getting ready for some free (and paid) DLC content for the game. As usual, Nippon Ichi is preparing post-release DLC. The most surprising addition to Disgaea 2 comes through a collaboration with Sony: Mainichi Issho's Toro and Kuro can both be added to the game. The two Sony mascots are relatively unknown here in the States, but the felines are quite beloved by players on the other side of the pond. The two cats will be ready to hand special items to players, so keep an eye out for them!

It would be nice if NIS America decided to include this DLC content as part of the retail release in the States. However, considering the DLC for Disgaea 3, that's unlikely. To see the other DLC characters, visit PSPHyper.

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