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Analyst casts doubt on BioShock 2, GTAIV DLC release dates


According to Gamasutra, Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey isn't buying the release dates Take Two is selling. Hickey has "concerns" about the announced release date for BioShock 2 -- October 30 in Europe and November 3 in North America -- "given the unannounced platforms and expected last-day-of-quarter release." We're not psychics or anything, but we get the feeling that the platforms just might be announced at E3.

Concerning the upcoming GTAIV expansion The Ballad of Gay Tony, Hickey is even less optimistic, saying it might not release until late 2010 or possibly even 2011, though he states that a fiscal 2010 release "seems probable." Quite a statement considering how heavily the DLC and GTA: Episodes from Liberty City factor into Take Two's plans for the rest of 2009.

Furthermore, Hickey resurrects the ghost of the EA buyout of Take Two, stating that the company is a "viable acquisition candidate" thanks to the fact that it has "some of the strongest video game development talent and IP in the world." Gamasutra adds that acquisition by another company is more feasible this year, as Take Two stock is trading for significantly less that it was at its highest point last year.

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