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Apple's back to school promo about the same as last year's

Robert Palmer

Apple announced the details of its back to school promotion today, and it looks almost the same as its deal last year: A free iPod touch with the purchase of a qualifying Mac.

Every Mac except the Mac mini qualifies for the deal. Parents now can qualify for the promotion when buying for their children, as well.

Education pricing can save you up to $200, depending on the model you choose, which you can use to fill that iPod with tunes or put toward AppleCare. According to MacNN, qualified students can opt for other iPods as well with varying rebate amounts for each.

Apple is also running a similar promotion in Canada, and will probably offer the program in other countries later in the year, according to MacRumors' Eric Slivka.

Last year's promotion was the "largest ever," and expectations were high for this year, too. One rumor claimed Apple would offer free iPhones with a qualifying Mac purchase. Yet again, the Internet made promises that Apple couldn't keep.

This also starts the rumor mill going about what Apple is trying to clear out of inventory before the end of the fiscal year. New products are always just over the horizon: What's coming next?

The promotion ends September 8.

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