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Ask Engadget HD: What's the best digital TV converter box?


As we can tell, not everyone is the type of person that gets ready for things ahead of time, there's always one guy waiting until the very end of the deadline to get things done and for once, it's not us. Enter Sam, owner of an older analog HDTV that isn't currently hooked up to satellite or cable. With a DTV converter coupon burning through his pocket, his question is simple, what's the best DTV tuner out there?

"I bought a brand new HDTV before the holidays and moved my old Toshiba down to the basement, right now there's just an antenna and an old DVD player connected to it. I figure a second Blu-ray player wouldn't hurt, and at least until I get another satellite receiver hooked up I'll just use an antenna to watch the game on Sunday. Of course, I didn't think of picking up a digital TV tuner until now and I'm already missing a few local stations, but there's so many to pick from, any suggestions?"

Alright, we know a few of you are still kicking it old school with strictly antenna setups and have been ready for the analog shutoff for quite some time, so you probably have plenty of experience with different digital TV converter boxes by now. Give Sam (and everyone else) the benefit of your knowledge before it's too late.

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