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Fullpower demos the MotionX Recognition Engine, forces its intern to run around like a crazy person


Among the excitement, the glamor, and the danger at D7 (what, didn't you see Woz roll in on his Segway?) was a tech demo delivered this morning by none other than Philippe Kahn and the gang from Fullpower. The company was on hand to talk a little bit about its MotionX Recognition Engine, a system designed to study "how you move, as opposed to reading to it." The first device on display was a headset that utilizes said engine, the company's trademark "TapTap" and "ShakeShake" commands, an accellerometer, and a GPS for things like answering the phone and accessing spoken updates to the user's location. According to the company, the same technology used in the headset can be embedded in phones and other devices. Also on hand was the company's new imaging tool, which supplies image stabilization to cameraphones. As you're no doubt aware, the fun is just beginning... stay tuned for all sorts of D7-related craziness, right here.

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