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Guildwatch: Ninjas are mammals

Mike Schramm

Lots of great guild news in this week's column -- many guilds, like OpEx above, from Scilla, are making their way through Ulduar and dropping lots of bosses as they go by. And many more guilds are recruiting: way more, unfortunately, than we have space for in this column. Business is booming if you're a raiding guild, apparently, and we have a feeling that's exactly what Blizzard planned.

There's also drama in this week's GW, as there is every week, and don't worry: we included the rap battle. Don't miss that one. If you've got tips for us about drama, downed news, or recruiting (though we are still overflowing on recruiting -- at this point, you're probably better off just on your realm forums), send us an email at Click the link below to read on.


  • Good times on Bonechewer: Lethal Dynasty ran VoA 25 with Immortel -- the two guilds have been buddy buddy lately, forming up together in raids and even sharing a few guildies. But when they headed to Ulduar and invited a few new raiders in, Lethal Dynasty decided that was a no go: they claimed they weren't "going to carry people" through Ulduar, pulled out of the raid, and pulled out (over 40 people) of the guild. Immortel is back to doing Naxx 25. Apparently they're in pretty bad shape.
  • Here's an interesting little scam/plan from a guild called Sublime on Lightninghoof -- apparently they have an Herb Contest running, where points are assigned for certain types of herbs, and whoever collects the most points within six weeks wins prizes like tours of Uldar and gear and drops. Sounds like an interesting plan to us, but there's a catch: we hear the guild hasn't been paying out their prizes. We'd think that odds are people on the server wouldn't participate if the prizes weren't going out, but you never know: if you're on Lightninghoof, you probably want to participate only at your own risk. Otherwise, it definitely seems like a great idea to put together some mats for raiding potions -- maybe your guild can steal it if you've got more loot than people to grind herbs.
  • Jesters on Silvermoon (the number one raiding guild there -- they finished off Yoggy himself) has shut down due to a few key members stepping away. They've reformed under the name The Jesters Hordeside, and they're starting to rebuild, but so far they're just a shadow of what they used to be.
  • Kreeoni runs a blog about guild leadership that you may have seen before (we've linked him in TDQ). But he got a look at the dark side of leading a guild recently -- he decided to step down as leader of his former guild No Vacancy, claiming that he had to take some time away from the game for his personal life. But right after that he accepted a position getting a new guild, Concedo Nulli, started up, and that's when the problems started. People claimed he betrayed his old guild, and there are even accusations that he ninja'ed the guild bank. He's responded to all of the accusations on his site (which unfortunately has some sort of weird autoplay thing -- watch out for that), and he's right: it is TL;DR. The short version is that he thinks he's right -- he was frustrated that no one was willing to step up in the guild, so he did clean out the bank and pass out the money between the guild's members. He sees a difference between what he was doing in the old guild and what he was doing in the new guild. But bottom line: he agrees he made mistakes. If you're stepping away from the guild and not the game, better to be honest about that.
  • This was sent to us, and we pass it on to you. It's from a guild on Dragonblight, and you can probably do some detective work to figure out which, but even without the backstory, it's a fun read. And yes, ninjas are mammals.
  • Monkeys with Bunnies are causing quite a stir over on Silver Hand. We hear it all starts with the GM, Naturell/McJunkett, who is involved with some pretty shady happenings, including apparently selling his characters. But the guild has also been accused of being ninjas, and at this point, they're pretty much a joke. That is, if they haven't left the server yet.
  • Joeblack, of Initech on Cairne, left the guild recently. Apparently he started up the group as a social guild, but lately, some members have been pushing to raid more and more. After they headed into Ulduar, Joe got fed up, and passed off the leadership of the guild to the raidleader.
  • Blade Angels of Hellscream ninjaed some BoEs from their PuG raid. So why are they here, in this column, where we said we wouldn't bother with simple ninjas any more? Because we like their reason: apparently they were saving up for a guildie's chopper fund. Funny. And apparently it's earned them quite the reputation.
  • Finally, you know we couldn't pass this one up:
    These two Galakrond guys get in a drama fight
    That turns into a rap battle that goes all night
    Instead of flames they throw rhymes,
    And in two pages' time,
    We've got an epic thread that will blow circuits all in your head
    If only more people did this,
    Then the srs bizness
    Of drama would end up just like all those raid bosses:
  • And yes, I suck at rapping. But that thread is great.
  • Flatline on Hakkar-H is currently 11/14 in Ulduar 25, and 10/14 in the 10-man version. Congrats!
  • Eucatastrophe on Thorium Brotherhood has downed all 10-man content (they've got the Champion of the Frozen Wastes titles), and are working through Ulduar. Way to go! They're also recruiting: Shamans and Mages specifically, but anyone 75+ is welcome to apply.
  • Velocity Gaming on EU Ghostlands has finally cleared Naxx 10, and has downed Flame Leviathan in Uldaur 10. Malygos is on notice! They're trying to fill out a 25-man raiding team, too.
  • Avis est Vox (Wyrmrest Accord-H) downed Ignis and XT-002 after weeks of wipes. Very nice. They also one-shot Razorscale and Flame Leviathan (which they say they like so much they're almost willing to wipe on it just to do it again). Next up is FL with a tower up, and the rest of the instance as well.
  • Mirrored Reasoning of Kargath continued progression in 25-man Ulduar and they have
    now taken down Kologarn and The Assembly of Iron as well. Nice job! Auriaya is on notice for next time.
  • Sneak Attack on Staghelm-A is apparently too small even to do 10-man content on their own, but they've been partnering with Order of Destiny to do Naxx, Vault and OS. We've managed to down all of them, including Sapphiron and KT just recently. Right now, we're working on Malygos, and would like to put him on notice.
  • The Aftermath on Feathermoon-H one-shotted every boss after Flame Leviathan in the Siege, finishing off Kologarn and then two-shotting the Iron Council. They're putting Auriaya on notice as well.
  • The League of Explorers on EU Aerie Peak ducked some drama to finish off all of Naxx and even took out the Flame Leviathan as well. Grats!
  • Lebowski Urban Achievers on Bonechewer-H recently completed their first full clear of Naxxramas as a guild. Most of them had done it multiple times prior, but they're a new guild all together, so this is the first clear under their name. Flame Leviathan is also down, and they put XT-002 on notice for next time.
  • The Crazy 88 cleared all Naxx 10 content, and then finished off Sarth 1D a day after that. They formed only four months ago, and are a casual raiding guild.
  • Aeturnas Trinitas, "a smallish roleplay guild" on The Venture Co. downed Normal Flame Leviathan, XT-002 Deconstructor, and Ignis the Furnace Master. Razorscale is on notice, and the rest of Ulduar better watch their back, too.
  • Nitewatch on Dreadmaul has cleared Freya on Ulduar 10, and we hear they're going for Mimiron next up.
  • Splinter on Velen downed Malygos 10 the other night, picking up the achievement. Grats!
  • Valkyrien Guard (EU Bronze Dragonflight) are taking their first steps in to Ulduar and downed Flame Leviathan's 10-man version. They're also recruiting for both the 10 and 25-man teams.
  • Origin on Chromaggus-H is a small 10-man raiding guild made up mostly of real-life friends that's now one-shotted Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, Ignis, Deconstructor and Kologarn! The good news is that they got lots of Rogue loot... but the bad news is that they have only one Rogue. Grats anyway!
  • Eyes Unveiled is a casual 10-man guild on Sentinels-H that cleared Naxx 10 for the first time this week. They're going back again soon, and Sarth and VoA are also dropping before they head to EoE.
  • OpEx on Scilla finished off XT-002 Deconstructor on only their second run through the instance. Grats! They're also recruiting heals (especially Shamans) and ranged DPS for progression.
  • Blood of the Titans on Eonar just rolled Naxx the other night, getting Undying and Dedicated Few in the same run, as well as Arachnophobia, Substraction, Shocking!, and Safety Dance. Nice run.
  • ThaRevolution on Cairne took only 14 players to Obsidian Sanctum, and finished off Sarth (drakes separate, I think) anyway. Nice job.
  • Vanilla on Borean Tundra-H is a classic raiding guild for players on level 60-capped accounts. They're raiding with a light schedule, going into everything from Molten Core to AQ20 and 40. You don't have to have an only 60-capped account (they do some WotLK stuff too, for alts), but you've got to have at least one to do some old-school raiding with them.
  • The Last Stand on EU Anachronos are recruiting all classes for Naxx farming and Ulduar progression raids. They offer an organized raiding structure, and a fair environment -- they strive for progression, but don't require a ridiculous level of commitment. Players interested in joining can visit the website for more.
  • TenTonHammer is an Alliance guild on Hydraxis. They have a mature, friendly environment that offers the opportunity to play the game in an enjoyable manner with helpful guildmates. While casual, fun play is the foundation they do have a strong focus on group play and progression. Whether you're a non-raider or you want to join the 10-man team, look them up if interested.
  • Day of Reckoning of Area 52 is recruiting raiders in almost all classes for the purpose of progression raiding. They raid at 7:30pm and use EPGP for looting, and are currently seeking (deep breath) Prot and Holy Pallies, couple of Mages and Warlocks, Shamans and Druids of all specs, a few Hunters, and Shadow and Holy Priests. So most of everything.
  • Return of the Phoenix of Moonrunner is recruiting! They're a progression-driven guild currently pushing into Heroic Uldar. Their members are mature, enthusiastic and highly energetic players with great personalities, and they're seeking Mages, Priests (Holy and Shadow), and Rogues to dive into 25-man content and finish it all off.
  • Glory of War of Lightning's Blade-A is recruiting a few new members to provide support for their casual raiding guild as they progress through Ulduar. They're looking for a Resto and Elemental Shaman, Boomkin, Holy Paladin, and a Prot Warrior. Quite a few members are taking leave for various reasons in the next month, so get in now while the getting's good.
  • Unknown on Winterhoof is a daytime raiding guild getting started in Ulduar -- they've got three down so far, and they're trying to fill out a group to run both 10-man and 25-man versions. All classes and specs are welcome, as long as you're available during the day.
  • Gehenna [NSFW] is a project formed by a few girl gamers on EU Spinebreaker. They are on the lookout for some more of you to join the team for 10/25 man raiding. The founding members have cleared all content in Vanilla, TBC and Wrath up to Sarth 3D, and have experience in leading successful raiding guilds previously. You don't have to be 80 to join, but you do have to be female and interested in raiding a couple of evenings a week. Look at the website to learn more.
  • Undeniable is a Horde guild on Dark Iron currently 10/14 in Ulduar 25. They are focused on getting hard modes once Ulduar is cleared, and it's important that their raiders have fun in the process. They are looking for reliable and skilled ranged DPS and an Enhance Shaman to strengthen the raid group.
  • NEED A DISPENSER HERE is a raiding Horde guild on Darkspear working through Ulduar content. Everything but Yogg-Saron is down on 10-man, and Thorim and Hodir, they say, are the two dead keepers in 25. They are looking for talented melee DPS as well as healers (Pallies and Priests especially) and have further info at their website.
That's it for GW this week. Two favors to ask this week: first, please try to format your tips like the post above, makes it easier for me (which means I can include more -- don't send me five pages of backstory on your guild, because obviously we don't have the space). Also, try to include which section your tip is for in the subject line of the email -- we don't put guilds in multiple sections, so choose whether you're reporting on a downing or recruiting, and then mark it that, please. Thanks! Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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