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High Voltage announces another new Wii game: 'The Grinder'


The Conduit developer High Voltage Software has announced another new Wii game, and, like Gladiator A.D., it's a brutally violent game designed to attract the bloodthirsty "hardcore gamer." The Grinder is an online co-op FPS starring "a sort of the cryptobiological A-Team," in the words of High Voltage's Eric Nofsinger, who goes on to refer to "a team of freelance hunters that ruthlessly exterminate savage armies of bloodthirsty monsters."

The FPS shows a clear (and acknowledged) Left 4 Dead influence, with each member of the team different in skills and personality. The game differs from L4D in that instead of just zombies, your team fights werewolves, vampires and all manner of other mythical shootables.

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