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HTC Dash 3G for T-Mobile gets pictured

Chris Ziegler

If you're longing desperately for that T-Mobile Dash replacement, you don't have that much longer to wait, because the Maple / S522 / Snap / Dash 3G (and yes, sadly, those are all pretty much synonyms) is right around the corner. All signs point to a release this summer -- and we're now seeing the phone for the very first time in T-Mobile branding, which is a good sign as far as we're concerned. We've had chances to play with the unbranded Snap in the past, and while it's definitely a great looking handset in the flesh, it doesn't typically photograph well; strangely, we're digging this fuzzy, dirty, out-of-perspective shot as-is. Something about the T-Mobile logo just does it for us, we guess?

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