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Metareview: inFamous (PS3)

Justin McElroy

We're not going to say inFamous' quality is a big surprise (this is Sucker Punch after all) but it's nice to see someone getting the superhero genre so right. Everyone (including us) has been piling the love on it, and we've taken the liberty of providing with just a slice of the love fest below:
  • 1UP (A-): "It's how InFamous blends all of this -- the platforming, the combat, the powers, the missions, and the Karma -- that makes it an eminently playable and enjoyable experience for me. It's why I've been staying up so late for the past few days."
  • D+PAD (4.5/5): "Yet remarkably, inFamous - as a whole - feels entirely unique. It's perhaps largely due to Sucker Punch's ability in creating an outstanding animation system that subtly adapts to the environment, but also because of the game's suitably atmospheric setting."
  • GamePro (90/100): "Great game, minor faults, a lot of fun to be had, terrible story but the gameplay holds up despite it. Maybe this "sleeping on it" thing has some merit, after all."
  • NZGamer (9.5/10): "Any other games vying for the crown of Game of the Year 2009 pay attention - there's a new kid in town and he means business."

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