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Splitfish Dual SFX Evolution and Frag Pro PS3 controllers announced, debut set for E3

Ross Miller

While still one-half away from a good "show and tell" game, Splitfish has announced (with no pics, unfortunately) the Dual SFX Evolution and Dual SFX Frag Pro controllers, part of the Frevolution X series and coming this Fall for the PlayStation 3. For the first person shooter crowd, the Frag Pro is slated to be the successor to the mouse-and-nunchuk combo originally released in 2007 (pictured), with a new dual wireless system to clear up some cord clutter. As for the Evolution, according to the presser it'll swap out the mouse for a right-handed motion / analog joystick. We're a bit lacking in the imagery department right, but we'll be getting some eyes (and hopefully hands) on the peripherals when E3 rolls around early next month.

Update: Looks like Splitfish called us on a bluff we didn't realize we had and pointed us to pics of the Evolution (above) and Frag Pro (after the break).

[Via Joystiq]

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