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SplitFish unveils new PS3 controller series at E3 '09

Majed Athab

SplitFish Gameware, best known for its oddly-shaped controller peripheral and not its cruelty to aquatic life, will be showing off its "Frevoution X System" line of PS3 controllers at E3 next week. Both the "Dual SFX Evolution" and "Dual SFX Frag Pro" will be available for playtest at the expo.

Expect the Frag Pro to be an upgraded version of SF's older FragFX controller, which is excellent for shooters thanks to its PC mouse-like design. The Frag Pro features an all-new "dual wireless system," and left-grip "Six-Axis" control. Both frag-ing controllers should be available by this fall... when all the shooters come out.

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