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LG enV Touch gets Best Buy-style unveiling

Chris Ziegler

Verizon still hasn't fessed up to the imminent launch of its Voyager successor, but no matter -- its retail partners are happy to do that on their own. Best Buy's product page for the VX11000 enV Touch has now gone live, offering the phone for a $599.99 commitment-free -- which, to be fair, is still way less than the Pre's $849.99 -- along with a nice, clear bunch of press shots of the front of the phone from every conceivable angle. The front's nice, the inside's great, but one unexpected touch is the crazy stylized back; it doesn't make up for the loss of VCAST TV, admittedly, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. The enV Touch isn't in stock on Best Buy's site just yet, but with the June 5 date with destiny still on as far as we can tell, it should be ready to ship any day now.

[Via CNET]

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